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Working with DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM has been truly enlightening! Before working with them, our intellectual property was truly exposed until they stepped in and saved the day. Now we have attained the proper rights to our brand and trademarks!

D. Crump, Owner
 Feminine Products Co.

DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM exceeded my expectations! They went above and beyond in walking me through each step and making sure that all of my questions were answered. This was a very smooth and stress free process for me. The one characteristic that really separated this amazing company from others, is they take the time to educate you on how trademarking works. They made me feel comfortable and I’ve learned so much about the trademark industry. I'm greatly thankful to have found a business that truly cares for their client needs. I recommend this DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM to all and anyone!

P. Bland, Lead Pastor
Christian Center

I would actually like to take the time to thank the team at: DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM. It was a very pleasant experience working with you. With the level of detail and care you used to assist me with my project was awesome. I would like to continue to work with you to complete my project because you promote trust, communicate positively and openly, approachable, positive experience. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. Thanks.

Delores D., TV Producer

I've been using my business name for years now and wanted to become more "legit"(on paper). One day I randomly came across posts on facebook about the importance of trademarks. In the consultation I received, I discovered that my name I'd been using all these years was in jeopardy. DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM helped me revamp my name and apply for a trademark that allowed me to protect my brand. Its not just my business, its my BABY...and I was prepared to defend it. Thankfully, they provided me with the tools to do so. I'm so glad I called, I could have lost my name forever!"

Ashlee P., Business Owner
Hair Care Brand

After hearing many great things about DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM, I had to inquire about hiring them to handle registering the name of my company name. Not only were they patient, understanding, very knowledgeable and professional, but they went out of their way, above and beyond when conducting research in the trademark database, covered all of my company's bases within the application, so that my name is protected, and they got it all done quickly with quality. Their price is affordable, and was worth every dollar. If you want your trademark application done right the first time, make sure you hire them. Don't be fooled or waste your time on other companies, just use DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM"

I came up with a concept some time ago. I also came up with a name that I jotted down in my private notes. Recently, I started developing my project under that name. When I saw that the project was being well received and expanding quickly, I set up a meeting with DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM. In the first meeting, they were able to help me discover that someone else had that name already; before I went too far! But then, they helped me come up with an even BETTER name (a few minutes later!) that I can use and trademark now! Can you imagine how much money I would have lost if I kept investing in a project with a name I couldn't use or –worse- being sued for using a business name that I didnt know was already registered!?! I´m passionate about what I do, so I love the passion they have for their clients' projects, like they were their own. I'm so excited to work with DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM - in taking my businesses to the next level!"

Anita D., Recording Artist

"My overall experience with DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM was outstanding. I had previously used another company, and with their services I never spoke to a live person, everything was done via email and I believe they submitted my TM specimens in wrong. DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM spent hours explaining to me directly, all the vital information about the trademarking process, they were very informative. During this same time, I also had someone infringing on my mark, and they offered to write me a cease and desist letter, and further explained my rights and expressed great concern. Great customer service with people who actually care, are rare these days. My husband and I both will be using them for all my future trademarks."

Aisha C., Author

I consider myself a DIY (do it yourself) kind of person and I was hesitant to hire someone to handle my trademark application. After talking to other business owners, I quickly learned how the excitement of owning your own brand can quickly turn into a trademark nightmare if not properly executed. So I hired DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM to handle the branding of my new television project. I asked very difficult questions and they were very patient and armed me with more than enough information. I would definitely use them again.

Ericka H., Producer

As a new business owner, I felt like I was drowning in my businesses, losing money and motivation. After just one consultation, I felt that my focus was reset, and I could breathe again. I'm so grateful for the encouragement, the wisdom, the challenges and the "tough love" received in my consulting session. We strategized new ways for me to work smarter and not harder, in order to reach my long-term goals. It was everything I needed to recharge my drive and start anew with focus and direction. Thank you DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM!        

Chenola M., Business Owner
Non-Profit Organization
Nubia S., Business Owner
Retail Store
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